Arson Attacks Linked to Melbourne Tobacco Trade Under Investigation


Under suspicions of involvement in the illicit tobacco trade, an array of malevolent figures have been linked to a recent fire that dealt a substantial blow to a retail facility, in Melbourne’s southeastern neighbourhood. The incident took a hard toll on a tobacco shop situated within the ravaged premises.

Without warning, a colossal blaze arose in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, at 3.25 am, within an uninhabited accountancy agency on Station St, Oakleigh. Embers stretched out menacingly, encroaching upon an adjacent tobacconist’s establishment – an unfortunate business that had relocated to the building complex merely a month prior.

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Fortunately, the fire’s aggressive expansion was not met with any resistance from human occupants, as the shops were noticed to be empty at the varying inferno.

Assisting in the probe of the incident were the Australian Federal Police’s forensic division, partnering with Victoria Police’s dedicated arson team. Both teams were swiftly summoned to the crime scene that Wednesday morning.

As per their investigation, authorities have established a possible affiliation of the incident with a series of similar arson-involved attacks targeted on tobacconist shops sprinkled throughout the city – notably in Hoppers Crossing, Springvale, and Moonee Ponds.

An anonymous proprietress of a tobacco shop in close proximity revealed her escalating apprehensions to The Herald Sun. Her fear wrapped around the possibility of her establishment becoming the next target. “I live in a state of unease,” she admitted, “Haunted by the prospects of a fire or an invasion. It’s creating an aura of dread.”

In addressing this issue, a representative for the Victoria Police announced that these series of incendiary occurrences are most likely tied to the unlawful dealings within the local tobacco market.

The representative further shared that the police, in collaboration with the Australian Border Force, have made the rounds to over 75 tobacco outlets dispersed across Victoria. The visits served the purpose of engaging in discussions with owners and staff members over such alarming affairs. Furthermore, reassurance patrols are being organized to visit the vicinity of the affected stores.

The investigation unit has issued an open request for public assistance. Any individual in the possession of valuable information is strongly requested to establish contact with Crime Stoppers, either through a confidential call on 1800 333 000 or an anonymous online report.