Armenian Exodus from Nagorno-Karabakh Sparks Global Awareness and EU Intervention


The increasing ethnic Armenian exodus from Nagorno-Karabakh, observed since Azerbaijan’s capture of the disputed region, has raised profound international awareness. An estimate of 6,500 individuals, comprising a significant portion of the enclave’s 120,000 ethnic Armenian population, have reportedly sought refuge in neighbouring Armenia after the Yerevan government pledged to aid those displaced by the ongoing conflict.

The Armenian prime minister swiftly responded to the waves of migration, searingly claiming that an ethnic cleansing event is unfolding in the ravaged region. Such claims have fallen on deaf ears, however, as Azerbaijan contends its intentions to reabsorb the departing ethnic Armenians as equal citizens.

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Amidst this tension, representatives from both Armenia and Azerbaijan are set to tackle the contentious issue in EU-mediated discussions, an unprecedented move occurring after the Nagorno-Karabakh seizure. A sense of urgency is palpable as international entities urge the nations to reach a lasting settlement.

Innocents face the toll of the conflict, as evidenced by an explosion that transpired at a gas station in Stepanakert, Karabakh’s main city. With the source of the explosion yet to be ascertained, it has left scars, both physical and mental, on over 200 individuals.

Desperate, these affected masses can be seen congesting the Armenian border, their bitter narrations revealing individual hardships and sacrifices. Many have found temporary shelter in the city of Goris in Armenia, anxiously awaiting their next steps. The local theatre has transformed into a Red Cross base, whilst crowded squares bear witness to an influx of exhausted, desolate refugees. Medical volunteers scramble to attend to the traumatised arrivals, struggling to keep up with blurry prescriptions and soaring demands.

Despite a gloomy predicament, a flicker of hope remains for these refugees. The Armenian government has pledged to accommodate up to 40,000 of the affected populace, already providing several hundreds with state-funded residence.

Indeed, this crisis has branded an indelible mark on our people, ushering in a upheaval of protests and increased demands for the prime minister’s resignation over an alleged failure in handling the situation.

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