Armed Robbery Rattles Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg


In a bold confrontation, 39-year-old Daniel Birdseye has been accused of orchestrating an armed robbery at the Hollywood Casino & Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Birdseye’s charges are formidable, entailing robbery under menace of a deadly weapon and assault on a public safety official. As per WLWT, an Ohio television station, Birdseye’s actions incited chaos when he allegedly brandished a firearm, demanding cash from the staff at the establishment’s cage near 7:40 in the evening.

The total sum extorted, however, remains uncertain. Some sources raise the possibility that the assailant attempted to seize a hostage in his desperate flee following a scramble down a corridor of the casino, eventually egressing by means of an emergency exit. In the ensuing pandemonium, patrons fled in terror, seeking refuge underneath gaming tables or plastered against the carpeted floor. One customer, Chris Simon, recounted his ordeal to WCPO of Ohio television, painting a scene of distress and confusion.

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Subsequent to the incident, Birdseye’s liberty was short-lived as he was detained at approximately 10 p.m. within a dense wooded expanse, the search efforts augmented by the use of drones, tracking canines, and a helicopter as disclosed by Sheriff Shane McHenry of Dearborn County in his statements to WXIX.

Fortunately, the events transpired without gunfire despite initial concerns of an active shooter situation broadcasted over the casino’s loudspeaker system.

Following the apprehension, Dearney was remanded at the Dearborn County Jail. With proceedings ceded to local jurisdiction, reports confirmed Birdseye operated alone in the heist. Amidst the disorder, an elderly individual sustained injuries, victim to a fall that led to lacerations, as detailed by WCPO.

Authorities, along with casino officials, retain a veil of privacy on the specifics while Hollywood Casino General Manager Mike Galle extends gratitude for the collective efforts that ensured the safety of all present.

As the investigation continues under the stewardship of the Indiana Gaming Commission and with support from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio officers, Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg assures the public of its regular operations. The venue, nestled by the Ohio River bordering Kentucky, beckons gamblers back to its familiar sights and sounds.

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