ARK ETF Swaps Bitcoin Trust for ProShares Amid Regulatory Caution


In an unexpected turn of events, Cathie Wood’s ARK Next Generation Internet ETF has revised its Bitcoin-related strategy after witnessing a notable end-of-year leap in Bitcoin’s value. With a striking 156% upward surge, the cryptocurrency has captured significant market attention.

A recent Bloomberg analysis discloses that the fund has completely divested its stake in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, selling off the entire 2.25 million shares it held. In an intriguing strategic pivot, the ETF has acquired a substantial 4.32 million shares of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF.

The rationale behind offloading the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares is attributed to a precautionary stance, as Wood voiced concerns over uncertain regulatory approvals. The trust’s potential transformation into a spot Bitcoin ETF hinges on the green light from United States regulators—a decision pending as the new year beckons. Concerns were compounded by a narrowing of the discount on the trust’s net asset value that, coupled with a significant price appreciation, prompted swift action.

Wood, while maintaining her belief in Bitcoin’s promise, noted the regulatory haze surrounding the asset class. ARK’s maneuvering appears to tread a path of optimism mingled with caution.

It’s not just a realignment but a smart tactical maneuver, as Bloomberg ETF expert Erich Balchunas pointed out. Around $100 million from the sale of the Grayscale shares were channeled into the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, reflecting a savvy transition strategy—maintaining Bitcoin engagement with greater liquidity while preparing for future shifts to either the ARKW or ARKB funds.

This move marks ARK as the second-largest shareholder in the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, a position deemed a temporary stopgap by Balchunas. He explains that institutions frequently leverage such liquid ETFs as transitional vehicles, indicating that ARK’s strategy might be part of a broader, calculated transition.

Balchunas also referenced a prediction by Bloomberg made just a month prior, suggesting that ARK’s decision mirrors a pre-emptive and strategic insight. This foresight not only allows ARK to amplify its ETF’s assets under management but also spares investors from higher expense ratios.

This recalibration of the ARK ETF portfolio aligns with trends noticed throughout the year. Bitcoin’s upward trajectory has more than doubled its value in 2023, peaking as the year draws to a close amidst speculation over the SEC’s nod to spot Bitcoin ETFs. Despite Wood’s previous endorsement of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust at the Sohn Australia conference, the landscape has seen a shift in strategy that not only concerns Grayscale and ProShares but has also led to the acquisition of 20,000 shares of the ARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Futures Strategy ETF and the sale of 148,885 shares of Coinbase Global, as disclosed in the fund’s report.

The performance stakes are high, as the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF notched a commendable 103% gain over the year, noticeably outpacing the 55% rise of the Nasdaq 100 Index. However, this success story doesn’t overshadow the tumultuous past the fund has navigated, with stark declines recorded in previous years.

Amidst this backdrop, Bitcoin persists in its market leadership role, trading at $42,800 with negligible movement in the last 24 hours, reflecting the asset’s notoriously volatile nature.


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