Arizona Goodwill Store Discovers Ancient Human Skull Among Donations


In a startlingly unusual incident, employees at an Arizona Goodwill store encountered a human skull amongst the recently donated items. The macabre discovery occurred inside a lackadaisically dropped-off donative box that was left a few days prior at the Goodwill store situated near Sarival Avenue and Yuma Road, in Goodyear.

The employees were taken aback as they unpacked the box, containing what at first were assumed to be mundane items. Nestled among the commonplace contributions was a significantly more ominous donation — a human skull.

Imminent communication with local law enforcement ensued, resulting in the Goodyear police promptly arriving to assess the situation. The skull was immediately dispatched to the medical examiner’s office for a thorough investigative inspection. The examination affirmed the item’s origin to be human; however, it was concluded that no criminal activity was related to its presence.

Intriguingly, the police later clarified the skull as “historic ancient remains,” rendering the incident more of an archaeological curiosity than a criminal case. The sobering nature of this incident struck the Goodwill patrons, with one regular customer voicing their disbelief, “I’ve never heard of anything donated like this. I come to this Goodwill all the time and I’ve never heard of anything that crazy being donated.”

Despite the confirmation that no criminal charges are associated with the skull, the Goodyear police continue their investigation. The identity of the anonymous donor who relinquished such a grotesquely unorthodox item remains unknown at this time.


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