Architect Of Bill 96 To Speak At Hearing, Liberals Urge CAQ Not To Truncate Proceedings


Dominique Anglade, Liberals, says the government plans to gag the opposition and force through Bill 96.

Right from the start of the debate, the opposition said it plans to ask Legault’s government to commit to dropping its right to request closure of controversial bills on the status of French in the province, which is going to be the subject of discussion in the coming days.

In a later sent to local media, Helena David, MP, urged the Minister of French language, Simon Jolin-Barrette, not to attempt to cut short the debate.

Previously, for other debate came to an end after the government invoked closure. The government has done this on four different occasions to force bills to pass, including Bill 44 on abolition of school boards and Bill 21 relating to immigration reforms.

Among those expected to speak at the debate include Guy Rocher, professor emeritus, University of Montréal, and architect of Bill 101 of 1977.

A number of legal experts, in constitutional questions, will give their input, including Jean LeClair, indigenous and constitutional law specialist, Patrick Taillon, of Laval University and Daniel Turp, professor at University of Montreal.

The bill constitutes 200 weighty clauses.


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