Anticipated Bitcoin Halving Set to Shape Future of Cryptocurrency Market


The anticipated Bitcoin Halving is drawing closer, marking likely the most consequential event in the ever-unpredictable Cryptocurrency world. This periodic event holds massive sway over supply, demand, and subsequent value appreciation post-halving. Given the historical landscape of Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs before a halving, speculators are keen on deciphering how this might shift post-halving performance.

Cyclonic in nature, the Bitcoin Halving takes place approximately every four years. It is strategically crafted to enhance the deficiency of BTC while solidifying the security of its network. Surprisingly, it brings along an offshoot of heightened speculation, market volatility, and an added influx of participants, thrusting Bitcoin prices into astronomical new territories.

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The present landscape envisions miners unlocking approximately 900 new BTC every day, fortifying the security of the Bitcoin network in the process. Following the next halving, this number is likely to halve to about 450 new BTC daily. This sudden shift, paired with an escalating demand, often piques investor curiosity, as historical data tends to substantiate.

Reflecting on the post-halving performance of the past, the inaugural Bitcoin halving landed on November 28, 2012. BTCUSD hovered around $10, yet within a year, the Bitcoin price skyrocketed by a staggering 10,000%, crossing the $1,200 per coin benchmark. Despite this sizable leap, the allure of Cryptocurrency was still a novel concept, and the drama of the halving event wasn’t fully recognized.

Fast forward to the second halving, which arrived on July 9, 2016, a full four years after the first. Despite cryptocurrencies being relatively understated, new altcoins began making their presence known, carving out a developing industry for Bitcoin. And by just 16 months post the July 2016 halving, BTCUSD saw a rally soaring from $570 to just under $20,000 per coin, symbolizing an admirable 3400% post-halving performance.

The third halving, which unfurled on May 11, 2020, awakened the world to the link between BTCUSD performance and the upcoming halving event. An extraordinary cocktail of the COVID pandemic and an unseen rapid money supply expansion just months prior to the halving brewed a perfect storm. Consequently, Bitcoin rocketed from less than $9,000 per coin to over $65,000 per BTC within a year. Although significant, the 625% gain seemed a pale shadow compared to the 3400% and 10,000% gains of past halvings, generating a probable decline in post-halving performance.

Contrarily, the upcoming 2024 Bitcoin Halving, expected in mid-April, is already billed as the critical event in Crypto history. Unlikely to prior halvings, Bitcoin has already reached new all-time highs in 2024. This might represent a further dip in performance, or it could unravel an astounding rally that astonishes observers and continually adds to each BTC’s price tag.

With each halving of Bitcoin, the investor community is increasingly recognizing its undeniable impact on price appreciation. This publicly known event in 2024, could yet again find its performance proactively mitigated by so-called smart money, the whales, and institutional investors, sitting alert for the possible gains. How this plays into post-halving performance remains a puzzle, yet the dwindling new BTC availability could still tip the scale of supply versus demand, favouring more price appreciation post-event.

Key factors like the emergence of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US are contributing to the new price record ahead of halving and could further fuel a bull market post halving. Spot Bitcoin ETFs have ensnared as much as 10 times the new supply from miners, which post halving could potentially magnify to 20 times the new available supply contingent on consistent demand.

When paired with rallying demand from retail investors, spurred by halving headlines and social chatter, this could potentially create a further surge in prices. Interestingly, even with Bitcoin currently trading over its previous all-time highs from 2021 at $68,000 per coin.

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