Anti-Inflammatory Diet Shows Promise in Managing Psoriasis Symptoms


The connection between psoriasis, a common skin condition, and an anti-inflammatory diet is a topic that occupies many sufferers, including myself. Having lived with psoriasis for two decades and attempting vasts amounts of diets and lifestyle changes, I found that focusing on anti-inflammatory foods brought noticeable improvement in managing my condition.

Addressing health through nutrition should be viewed not as a restrictive dieting regime, but more as a decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The principal aspect of this transformative journey is understanding what you are consuming on a daily basis, how these components impact your immune system and consequently, your psoriasis condition. My own adventure into an anti-inflammatory diet has resulted in substantial alleviation of my symptoms.

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Unraveling the relationship between food and inflammation began with a thorough exploration about psoriasis, guided by the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF). I discovered that psoriasis primarily centers around an impaired immune system, leading to inflammation in the body. This culminates in plaques and scales, the visible indicators symptomatic of those with psoriasis. Eager to delve deeper, I delved into Lizzie Streit’s book “The Complete Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods,” which compares chronic inflammation to an uncontrollable blaze within the body. Streit, however, posits that antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, wholesome fats, and high-fibre foods have the potential to quell this inner fire.

Recognizing inflammatory foods and comprehending their relationship with psoriasis were the initial steps towards managing it. The next major stride was identifying and avoiding foods known to induce inflammation – foods rich in saturated and trans fats, fatty meats, refined sugars, baked goods, and alcohol. Progressively eliminating them from my diet had begun yielding visible improvement.

This was a transformative journey I undertook; each person’s experience with a chronic disease like psoriasis is unique and results can vary greatly. However, after consciously making dietary changes, I noticed my psoriasis plaques become less red, less flaky, and overall, my skin felt less sensitive in the affected areas.

Yet moderation, not deprivation, holds the key to a sustainable dietary regimen. So while I navigated the course of a healthier lifestyle, I learned not to despair over the occasional indulgence of baked goods or wine. Understanding which foods triggered my psoriasis flare-ups meant I was equipped to make more informed nutritional choices.

In learning and taking control, I’ve realized that “knowledge is power” is not an overused cliché but a fact. Your awareness and understanding of what affects your chronic condition and your subsequent actions ultimately decide how you manage your condition.

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