Anthony Rota Resigns as Speaker Over Controversial WWII Invite


In a tumultuous turn of events, Anthony Rota bid adieu to his coveted post as the Speaker of the House of Commons following raised eyebrows over an invite extended to a former Nazi unit fighter during World War II.

Rota’s decision comes after an intense meeting with House leaders of all parties on Parliament Hill. Faced with increasing demands from MPs across the political divide to yield the Speaker’s chair, he announced his departure with an unrehearsed gravity, reminiscent of the seriousness attached to the highest echelons of parliamentary leadership.

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“The onus of this House’s pivotal operations rests not on individuals, but on ideas larger than us. Given these circumstances, I must relinquish my role as your Speaker,” professed a solemn Rota, whose resignation is a rare occurrence in the annals of parliament history.

The episode that eventually led to Rota stepping down occurred during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s standout Parliament address. Post Zelenskyy’s intriguing engagement with the House, Rota pointed out a war veteran, Yaroslav Hunka, who spearheaded Ukraine’s fight for independence against present-day Russia and widely acknowledged as a Canadian patriot.

The subsequent revelation about Hunka’s past association as a Ukrainian soldier in a volunteer unit under the Nazi regime caused widespread discomfort. Swaddled in controversy, Rota offered full responsibility for his lapse of judgement and expressed regret for the event that stoked pain among individuals and communities, including the global Jewish populace.

Rota’s formal resignation will take effect from the end of Wednesday’s parliamentary sitting. The announcement, despite its tinge of sadness, was met with applause, as members affirmed the importance of upholding the judgment and reputation of the House over individual standing.

To ensure a seamless transition, Louis Plamondon, the Bloc Quebecois MP and dean of the House, has been entrusted to oversee house proceedings for Thursday and Friday. The subsequent secret ballot election to determine Rota’s replacement will kick off on Tuesday, October 3.

In lieu of wiping clean the recorded incident, as originally proposed by the Liberals, MPs stood together to adopt a motion condemning Nazism and extending solidarity to its past and present victims. The motion brought forth by Yves-François Blanchet, Bloc Quebecois, also unequivocally disavowed any praise bestowed upon the individual in question.

NDP House Leader Peter Julian, commending Anthony Rota’s decision of “placing the institution first,” conveyed the gravity of the situation, stating that “Parliament has been tarnished, and many have been hurt by this unfolding episode.”

Rota’s historic resignation is a noteworthy incident in Canadian Parliament’s chronicles. The event has set the stage for discussion about new leadership and revitalizing the role of Speaker, a post steeped in parliamentary tradition, impartiality, and a commitment to uphold the rights and dignity of its members.

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