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Thank you for wanting to reach West Island Blog readers about your important charitable event.  With many events happening at any given time on the West Island and beyond we have found that the most effective and efficient way to get your news out is if you prepare your announcement and fill out the form below.

Please take note that announcements should not exceed 200 words.   You must include at least one picture – no more than three.

Make your words count!  We will not be editing the blurbs you send us.  They will published as they are received so make them fun for the reader.  If it is not fun for you to read it is not fun for the reader.

Answer the questions WHO, WHAT , WHERE , WHEN and WHY and you will be sure the reader will know all about your fabulous fundraiser or event.

Charity events are free on West Island Blog.  Networking and business events are welcome at a small fee.  Contact

Thanks for giving back to the community!!


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