Animatch boasts a centre with accommodation for a dozen dogs and a dedicated team of volunteers.  West Island Blog and Animatch have come together to help find our furry friends a forever home.  Please share this post to help them find a home if you can.


Smokey Animatch NovemberSmokey is still here. He originally came to Animatch because his family didn’t have time for him. He is a very smart, high-energy dog that will require lots of patience and training – and walking, hiking, running. He needs a family where someone is home a good part of the day. Smokey is spending some time at FIC – l’École de Formation des Intervenants cabins du Québec. He was adopted in the summer but returned because his family couldn’t cope with his leash reactiveness. He gets excited and defensive when other dogs get too close when he’s on a walk. Whoever adopts Smokey must be willing to work on this so that going out together becomes something to look forward to. This reaction doesn’t mean that he’s aggressive or doesn’t like other dogs. He’s just letting you know that he needs some space. Patience, time, consistency and commitment can fix this. If you think you’re up for this, fill out the form and ask for Smokey.


Bertrille is with Animatch thanks to the Nordic Paws Project. She loves human attention and would probably do well in obedience classes. She loves going for walks. She is a calm dog who doesn’t enjoy being bothered by dogs who like to roughhouse. She does get along with calm dogs and likes nothing more than wandering around the yard with a ball (or rock) in her mouth. She isn’t crazy about cats either. Bertrille is waiting patiently for her new family to come and get her.


Gigi came from the North with her two pups. All three are now ready for their forever homes. Even though she is a Mom, Gigi is still young and slightly goofy. Daily exercise is important and obedience classes would help her become a good canine citizen. She has never met a human stranger, gets along with other dogs and is good with sturdy children. Cats are meant to be chased. If you feel you’re the family for her, fill out the form and ask for Gigi.


Beli lived in Greece with his human and had a good life. But his guardian died and he was taken in by a foster family until Compassion Sans Borders brought him here. He is learning how to walk on leash and is beginning to understand that charging other dogs isn’t cool. He is a little rough around the edges, but it’s nothing that obedience classes couldn’t fix. He gets along with other dogs as long as they’re respectful. Beli protects his food and toys, and cats are meant to be chased. If you think you could be best friends with this spirited. sweet boy, fill out the form and ask for Beli.

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About Animatch

Animatch has humble beginnings. It was founded in 1999 by Helen Lacroix, a busy wife and mother. Her grassroots movement started around her kitchen table. Helen credits her parents with instilling in her their love and concern for animals. Today, Animatch boasts a centre with accommodation for a dozen dogs and a dedicated team of volunteers.