Animatch boasts a centre with accommodation for a dozen dogs and a dedicated team of volunteers. West Island Blog and Animatch have come together to help find our furry friends a forever home. Please share this post to help them find a home if you can.

Beli Animatch AdoptionBeli is back. A short recap of his life: born in Greece, good home, owner dies, spends time with rescuers, trip to Animatch, a couple of months at the centre, some time at FIC (École de Formation des Intervenants Canins du Québec), adopted once and returned (not the personality guardian was looking for), adopted again, returned again (didn’t measure up to expectations). A human would have trouble adjusting to all this upheaval, never mind a dog that doesn’t understand what’s going on. Unlike the song says, love isn’t always all you need. Beli requires patience, commitment and determination. He has already had two families who would “never give up on him”. He needs an experienced family with no other pets. It can take up to three months for any rescue dog to adjust to his new home. Please think carefully before filling out the form to ask for Beli.
Bucky Animatch Bucky spent his first year wandering Waskaganish. He was luckier than most in that he found humans who fed him. He takes a few minutes to relax with new people, but then he shows you the playful boy that he is. Being a Northern Dog, he needs lots of daily exercise like walking, running or hiking. Obedience training is a must as he doesn’t yet walk on leash. He gets along with other dogs but not with cats. If you are looking for a new BFF and have ten to fifteen years to commit to him, fill out the form and ask for Bucky.
Cooter Aninatch Dog AnimatchCooter is back. He spent the first five years of his life at Villalobos Rescue Center in Louisiana. He and some of his friends made the long journey to Animatch, and he was adopted to a good home. Unfortunately, the family didn’t realize that hounds are noses attached to dogs. He’s looking for someone really strong, particularly because he isn’t leash-trained yet. A harness would be a great idea; don’t even think about an extendable leash. Prey is his strongest drive, so scent-oriented games like find the treat would keep him busy. Because of this trait, Cooter can’t live with cats. Despite all this, he is a sweet boy who needs a lot of daily exercise. If you’re out eight or ten hours a day, don’t expect him to be waiting patiently when you drag yourself home. If you know and love Hounds and think you could be his new BFF, with the emphasis on Forever, fill out the form and ask for Cooter Brown.
Brownie Animatch AdoptionBrownie spent his first four years in Waksaganish before making the journey to Animatch. We don’t have much history on him, but we do know that once he finds his forever human, that person will be his one true love. He needs basic obedience training and needs lots of exercise every day. He gets along with other dogs but must be introduced properly. He has to take a pass on cats. If you have ten to fifteen years to dedicate to this lovely boy, fill out the form and ask for Brownie.

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About Animatch

Animatch has humble beginnings. It was founded in 1999 by Helen Lacroix, a busy wife and mother. Her grassroots movement started around her kitchen table. Helen credits her parents with instilling in her their love and concern for animals. Today, Animatch boasts a centre with accommodation for a dozen dogs and a dedicated team of volunteers.


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