Anglesey Father Accuses Buddhist Group of Turning Son Against Him


Elwyn Lloyd-Jones, a father hailing from Penmon, Anglesey, and a father of three children, has suffered a strained relationship with one of his sons for over a year. He directs the blame at a Buddhist group known as the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT). This plight comes in the wake of the recent demise of his wife, Olga, which led to the revelation of his son’s affiliation with the NKT.

Lloyd-Jones’s son, abandoning his Christian faith, has pivoted to Buddhism, claiming it was “100 times better,” which his father believes is the direct result of the NKT’s influence. Lloyd-Jones has labelled this whole experience as equivalent to losing his son, akin to his son’s death.

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His belief that the NKT had brainwashed his son to hate him was replaced by a far darker truth. Upon research, he found that the organization doesn’t teach hatred, rather, they convince their members that he, the parent, is evil and dangerous.

On the other hand, his son firmly denies the allegations, declaring them as mere figments of his father’s imagination. To him, these claims foster nothing but sadness and pain.

The NKT, in response, shared a statement promoting gratitude, respect, and kindness, especially towards parents, as the cornerstones of their teachings. The organization, established in Cumbria, 1991, is registered as a charity operating in 25 countries.

Harriet Pilkington Rowland, a resident near Cardiff and a former member, voiced her concerns about the young, troubled and seemingly stateless individuals she encountered at the NKT centre. Renato Barajasis, another ex-member residing in Mexico, described himself as “in recovery” post his NKT journey, which included being ordained as a monk and eventual estrangement from the organization.

According to Dr Suzanne Newcombe, honorary director of Inform, an educational charity providing information on minority religions and sects, the NKT is one of the most inquired groups raising concerns both nationally and internationally.

Despite the allegations and concerns, the NKT maintains its commitment to being an open, welcoming, and peaceful community, aiming to inspire and help their members deal with life’s challenges in a more beneficial way. They insist on rendering full support to everyone, reminding that there is no compulsion or pressure put on anyone to take ordination.