Anderson OT Score Sees Habs Catch Headwinds To Game 5


Habs’ josh Anderson scored the wining goal at 3:57 during the overtime phase, which saw the team beat Lightning 3-2 and sail straight into game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The team was able to prolong their participation in the season by a further two days with the win on Wednesday evening at the Amalie Arena, Tampa.

Anderson saw the net twice, while team mate Alexander Romanov sealed their fate with an extra score, who saw their first series win since 1993.

However, execution mistakes started on the parts of the Habs, the lightning capitalized with a 2:40 left in period 2. Romanov scored at 11:12, but Maroon retaliated about five minutes later setting the game at a 2-2 draw.

A 4-minute penalty shot on Webber with just 1:01 to go in period three overturned things in favor of the Lightning.

But, Anderson sealed the outcome of the game a few minutes after the Webber penalty.

It appears the Habs are doing their best to be the 5th team in the NHL’s history to come out of a 0-3 loss before the emerging top of a series, and perhaps the second in the Stanley Cup finals, after the Maple Leafs, who did exactly that to the Red Wings 79 years ago.

The Tampa Lightning failed to walk away with the title of the first team to destroy their opponent in the main final since 1998, which is when the Red Wings decapitated the Capitals.


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