Anchoring Fashion’s Throne: 35 Strong Years of Anna Wintour at Vogue


In the world of fashion, the trellis-patterned corridors of power are a labyrinth few ever truly navigate. To reign over this realm is an achievement in itself. Capricious as it is, the throne of Vogue has been occupied by Anna Wintour for an impressive 35 years. This commanding presence extended even to our scheduled luncheon at the distinguished Ritz London, where a dining room usually inaccessible to ordinary hoi polloi was made available through what I suspect is the influence of Wintour.

Her position at Vogue has persevered, as has her reputation, even at times when magazines and the Vogue brand itself faced decline. In the midst of rumors concerning her stepping down due to allegations of racial bias, she found herself promoted to the even more important roles of global editorial director of Vogue and global chief content officer of Condé Nast. This allowed her the unprecedented control over Condé Nast publications across 32 markets, excluding The New Yorker.

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In our meeting, we were led to an opulent, semi-private room at the back of the unoccupied restaurant. The ambiance of the room was evocative of the grandeur and importance that is often associated with Wintour. The waiter tactfully informed me that Ms. Wintour prefers a particular seat, suggesting that the lunch proceed more smoothly if I shifted to an alternate one.

The arrival of Ms. Wintour was accompanied by an air of restrained deference. She carries an influence akin to royalty, her reputation constructed both by her position and demeanor. Despite the intensity of her professional makeup, there is an undeniable sense of command and ease in her presence, as is evident in the simple rule she follows for staff hires – someone she’d be glad to see in her office or on the street.

As I indulged in a surprisingly creamy gnocchi dish, Wintour mentioned her plans to promote editor Chioma Nnadi to the helm of British Vogue. Keeping with her vision for a global network for Vogue, she confirmed that the brand will continue to employ fresh and cost-effective talent to keep the brand prospering.

Despite Wintour’s austere professional image, there’s a perceptible warmth to her when stressing the difference between her public and private lives. “When I’m home with my kids and the grandchildren and my friends at home, we don’t talk about work. We play tennis, and stupid games. That’s my solace,” she stated.

As Wintour rose to depart, she admitted that she had had a big breakfast and was off to another appointment. In the time we shared, the stories and the laughter we exchanged at the grand table of The Ritz’s restaurant were a testament to a woman who has dominated the fashion industry, yet still maintained a sense of individuality and family amidst her demanding career.

As we concluded our chat over luncheon, we transitioned naturally into a conversation about hobbies, with Wintour revealing that she enjoys various activities such as collecting pottery and china. This led to reminiscing about how such hobbies can often provide much-needed respite from our fast-paced lives. It is a common trait among people to seek comfort in activities that allow them to escape from their day-to-day duties, much like how many Canadians seek leisure in the form of online gaming and gambling.

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