Analysts Anticipate Massive Losses for Canadian Businesses If the Border Agent Strike Occurs


Canada is ready to open its doors to vaccinated Americans. 

Meanwhile, a  protest organized by border guards is scheduled to start on Friday morning. If the strike takes place, the majority of enterprises in Montreal will be affected adversely. 

The U.S.-Canada border had remained closed for non-essential travel for almost one and a half years. 

However, security personnel working at the border have had no contracts for double that duration. Unfortunately, unless a last-minute contract is drafted, they could start work-to-rule strategies at 6 a.m. on Friday.

This is one issue that Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has grappled with.

In a statement, Trudeau mentioned that his government would work tooth and nail to resolve the problems that the border agents have faced in the past.

These challenges being encountered at the border could lead to problems for a number of Canadian entrepreneurs who are trying to make it in the tough post-pandemic era.

The union that represents border guards stated that it would ask for a raise in wages and broader rights that would allow all guards to carry weapons. 

Considering that the land border is scheduled to open in the coming week, travellers should anticipate considerable delays. 

The CFIB commented that if the latest protests – at the  Port of Montreal – are anything to go by, then such delays could be detrimental for businesses. 

There are talks being held to resolve the issue but there’s such a short time left until the scheduled strike. 


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