American Gaming Association Call for Reforms in the Handling of Problem Gamblers


A leading casino lobbying group in the United States is requesting gambling organizations to implement better practices to promote responsible gambling. The American Gaming Association (AGA) has issued recommendations to gambling organizations to protect players.

The recommendations are tailored to help curb problem gambling behavior. AGA says that the industry should serve individual gamblers by providing a single helpline instead of multiple numbers and resources.

Jessica Feil, the AGA Vice President, asserted that helplines are important resources for those seeking help. He noted that gambling organizations provide lengthy lists of state-specific helplines on the national advertisement. Feil adds that the advertisements create barriers for those seeking help.

Feil affirmed that a national helpline in advertising would be the most in protecting players. The current US gaming industry does not embrace a standard helpline. Instead, helplines are reserved for individuals in specific states.

AGA policy sheet claim that multiple helplines are confusing since problem gamblers may not know which number to call.

“Multiple helpline numbers confuse, since many problem gamblers may not know which number is appropriate to call.”

AGA further suggests that a nationwide help center should provide diversified technological resources and also a toll-free number.

In the US, three percent of adults are classified as problem gamblers. The gambling industry allocates millions of dollars to treatment annually. The fund is utilized in self-exclusion programs, treatment and research.


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