AMCAL Family Services fundraising event raises over 19,500$


Close to 150 guests attended the 9th edition of “A Taste of AMCAL” to support AMCAL Family Services. The fundraising event, which consists of local restaurants and caterers offering a tasting of their menus, coupled with a silent auction, was held on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at the beautiful Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club in Dorval. Thanks to the generosiAMCAL Family Services fundraising event raises over 19,500$, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, AMCAL, charity, fundraisingty of sponsors, donors, and guests, the event raised $19,500! This amount will go to support the many programs and services offered by AMCAL Family Services to the West Island Community.

“When I tell people what we do at AMCAL, they often strongly react on how difficult it must be to be faced with families’ personal hardships and despair. However, I can speak for everyone at AMCAL when I say that it is a place of joy, love and hope. There is so much beauty in working with people and for a better community. And if we can continue to strive for this at AMCAL, if we have the capacity to continually create, change and adapt our services to meet the needs of families, it is thanks to the support of everyone who contributed to this event. THANK YOU!” said Sophie Dalbec, Executive Director of AMCAL Family Services.

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The evening of great food & wine in good company also included guest speaker Victoria, a recent graduate of AMCAL Family Services’ Residential Program.

“I was trying to fit in when I started high school. It didn’t take long for me to develop a vicious circle of feeling depressed, self-medicating with drugs, and feeling more depressed; eventually getting to the point that I tried to end my life. Through my time at AMCAL, I got to know my true personality, who I genuinely am inside and I am now six months sober.”

AMCAL couldn’t be prouder of Victoria who recently put together a support group led by teens who are trying to stop doing drugs.
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