Ambulance New Brunswick Brings On Board Unit To Curb Service Delays Once Causeway Shuts Down


Close to 27000 cars traverse the cause each day; this is according to the project’s estimates. However, with expected disruptions due to the removal of the Petitcodiac Rover causeway, the Ambulance New Brunswick has elected to add another unit to offer emergency services in the area.

There are plans to remove the causeway and put up a bridge, which will start next week. The bridge is expected to be ready by October.

However, up until now, construction work has caused some residents in the area to worry about likely delays in emergency services, together with a potential increase in the number of road accidents.

In the meantime, traffic will be re-routed through Gunningsville Bridge, which is the best option for those looking to access Moncton and Riverview. This route is already supporting 25000 vehicles each day.

Riverview is currently being served by a single ambulance, which offers 24hours service all week. The extra ambulance will have its own team of paramedics who will be working from 7:30 am till 7:30pm each day.


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