ALS Advocate Carol Skinner Receives Camp YMCA Kanawana “Pip” Alumni Award


Carol Sharman Skinner, a tireless advocate for people living with ALS and a former Camp YMCA Kanawana staff member, is the recipient of the 2016 Camp YMCA Kanawana “Pip” Award. Ms Skinner is the ninth person to receive the award, established in 2007 to recognize the contributions of distinguished Kanawana alumni.

“In her personal and professional life, Carol has always been a leader, and now she has taken on a greater role,” says Andrew Caddell, who sponsors the award. “The purpose of this award is to recognize people who have taken the values they learned at Kanawana and applied them to the larger world.  Carol Skinner receives the “Pip” Award for her determination and dedication to the fight against ALS for herself and others. The “Pip” Award Committee felt Carol’s ability to deal with this personal challenge with such courage and grace made her a very deserving recipient.”

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On July 7, Carol Skinner will be presented the “Pip” award at camp before campers, including her husband Travis and friends.  In September, she will receive the award at the annual Alumni and Friends weekend at Camp YMCA Kanawana.  Carol Skinner was a counsellor and section director at Kanawana from 1990 to 1995. Subsequently, she worked in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she rose to the position of Director of YMCA Camp Hayward.  She acquired a Master’s degree in Art Therapy, worked as a school counsellor for five years and then moved to Ottawa as an Art Therapist for the Canadian Mental Health Association. In 2013 she was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and became involved in advocacy with ALS Canada. She has spoken to the media, groups and individuals about the impact of living with ALS and the importance of raising awareness for this untreatable, terminal illness.  She says “Never has “Non Nobus Solum” (Not For Ourselves Alone) meant so much to me.  Kamp Kanawana staff and campers have never failed to stand by me as I live with this devastating illness.’’

About the “Pip” Award

The “Pip” Award is given annually to a former camper, counsellor or supervisor at Camp YMCA Kanawana who best exemplifies the values of selflessness and contribution to the community. The award is a memorial to Philip “Pip” Caddell (1913‐2004), Second World War officer, Montreal executive and community volunteer, and his grandson, James Caddell (1973‐2005), UN Peacekeeper, NGO Worker and public servant. Both attended Camp YMCA Kanawana – “Pip” as a camper in 1928 and James as a camper and counsellor in the 1980s and 1990s. The “Pip” Award Committee is composed of Kanawana alumni. 

Previous recipients include Richard “Itche” Kerr, a volunteer working with the physically challenged; Richard Patten, former Ontario cabinet minister; Stuart McLean, broadcaster and author; Bruce Netherwood, YMCA leader and author; John Cleghorn, former CEO of the Royal Bank; the late Sam Lazarus, NGO volunteer and the Lazarus family; Jeniene Philips Birks, former broadcaster and community volunteer; and Terry “Aislin” Mosher, editorial cartoonist and supporter of the disadvantaged.  

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