Alligator Attack Survivor Recounts Harrowing Survival Tale in South Carolina Waters


In the murky waters of South Carolina’s salient Cooper River, local man, Will Georgitis, found himself in the midst of a life-and-death struggle against a powerful alligator. With his oxygen tank drained and his arm firmly clamped in the jaws of the formidable beast, Will realized he might have to sacrifice his limb to escape alive.

While submerged, hunting for fossilized shark teeth, the underwater silence was shattered as Will felt the crushing force of the alligator’s bite. Despite his desperate attempt to defend himself with the handy screwdriver he employed for prying loose fossils, his efforts only provoked the gator into a frenzy of violence. The enraged reptile commenced a bone-jarring thrash, dragging Will an astonishing fifty feet down into unfathomable depths, instilling in him a dread certainty of his impending doom.

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On April 15, as Will surfaced from his dive, he had to reckon with this disturbing encounter. The alligator’s relentless grip on his arm was draining the last of his air supply, the last vestiges of his hope. In a burst of adrenaline-fueled determination, Will braced his feet against the cold scales of his aggressor and with every bit of strength he could muster, lashed out hard. Somehow, he managed to wrench free his arm, though severely injured, but still intact.

Dripping with blood and reeling from pain, Will summoned the will to swim frantically towards his pal’s nearby boat. He was taken ashore and rushed to the hospital, his arm shattered and marked unforgivingly by the gator’s vice-like bite. His road to recovery was daunting, requiring numerous surgeries, countless staples to close the gaping wounds, and probably six months to regain his former health.

Undeterred by adversity, his family has rallied around him, setting up a GoFundMe page to aid with his medical costs. For Will, though battered, every moment henceforth feels like an unexpected privilege. He remains a passionate diver, scouring the Charleston waters for fossils despite having frequented the vicinity of his brutal attack over thirty times before.

While he has encountered alligators on prior occasions, they were observed in their usual laze, basking on riverbanks, or maintaining a safe distance. The aggressive assault from this particular reptile, however, has left him surprised and disillusioned.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has taken note of the attack and launched an investigation into what prompted this unusual alligator aggression. South Carolina, home to an estimated 100,000 alligators, provides the creatures a protected sanctuary. Regulations regarding their removal or termination are stringent. Although attacks are rather rare, at least six fatal incidents involving these reptiles have been recorded since 2016.

Among these is a chilling account of a 550-pound alligator snapping off the arm of a helpless snorkeler in 2007 at Lake Moultire. The mortally wounded victim sought help onshore, fortunately finding aid in five off-duty nurses enjoying a picnic. Their quick action saved his life till paramedics arrived, reinforcing the raw power and unpredictability of nature.