Allergy-Alert Dog Protects Local Teacher in Classroom


With the inception of a new school session, students and faculty alike are finding rhythm in the whirlwind of budding academia. Among them, a local teacher, Ms. Jadyn Means, who has a rather extraordinary member added to her third-grade classroom in Broken Arrow, an allure named Minnie.

Minnie is not an ordinary student but a unique one providing immense support to Ms. Means, who battles severe allergies since she was 13 years old. She is highly susceptible to peanuts, tree nuts, and a palette of other allergens she might encounter daily.

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Minnie is indeed special, for she can preemptively sense these allergic reactions, signaling Ms. Means before she spirals into a throes of anaphylactic shock. “Within the last month, Minnie has tuned into the changes in my body by scenting and licking my hands,” reveals Ms. Means. “She is impressively accurate, alerting me approximately three to five minutes prior to a reaction initiating.”

Minnie has been with Ms. Means since November, with her service animal training commencing in January and culminating in mid-March. This specialized preparation involved rigorous obedience and service animal training. Ms. Means experiences mild allergic reactions about eight to ten times a week, with anaphylaxis occurring sporadically.

Minnie, however, is more than just a beacon against these reactions. She is not only a physical presence but also provides emotional support. “The stress instigated by the randomness of these bouts has lessened, as I am always reassured by Minnie’s vigilance and protection,” Ms. Means shares. “With her by my side, I can devote my undivided attention to my wards and lessons, ensuring a safe and flourishing learning environment.”