All the Knowledge You’ll Need for the Races


There’s nothing better than getting your suave on and heading to the races. Whether it be the Kentucky derby, Cheltenham or the Melbourne Cup, you’re in for a right old good day out. However fun the horse racing may be, betting on it can be complicated. Infact, without an understanding of the slang you might find your mind running round in circles much like the horses you’re meant to be betting on. Lucky for you, we are here to help you get up to speed with all the knowledge you’ll need for the races, from leaving your house to watching that pick cross the finish line in first place and top the racing results.

On arrival to the course you will want to be wearing your best garms and turn up in style. Most racecourses will open a couple of hours before the first race. This gives you plenty of time to secure yourself racecards and race day programmes to get all your research on the horses done.

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These racecards tell you everything you need to know about the horse’s prior form and how it is looking going into the race you are betting on. Researching your bet thoroughly is the only sure-fire way of getting consistent results across the betting day.

Depending on what ticket you have you are either going to be down on the concourse or sitting up in the stand. The more money you pay the better view you get. But for the majority in the concourse it would be wise to either head straight to the front for a prime view of the finish or hit the most elevated area you can find to make sure you catch a sweet view of the course. If you have a ‘fancy’ ticket you will be in restricted areas that have their own bars and facilities including entertainment.

Before the first race starts you want to make sure you’ve had a good read of the race card, got a drink in hand, scouted out the nearest toilet and are looking to stick your first bet on. Many kick things off with a placepot which needs to be put on before the first race. Most of the bookies at the races will be using roughly the same odds, but it’s always important to have a little look about for the best odds for the horse you fancy.

Luck goes a long way when it comes to sports betting in general, but so too does knowledge. It is always better to know who you are betting on and why. When it comes to horse racing this can be particularly difficult due to the nature of the sport. But taking things like form, jockey, trainer, owner, weather and history into consideration as important factors, may eventually result in a better chance at picking a winner and sorting you out with a large payout.

After every race there will be around 30-40mins. This means you have more than enough time to collect your winnings, place another bet for the upcoming race, head to the bar or grab some lunch. Increasingly, racecourses are becoming a bigger and bigger event with food trucks and entertainment being put on during and after the racing. Providing a much more inclusive atmosphere seems to be helping the industry boost its popularity. A lovely rendition of Sweet Caroline is just what you need after a merry day of winning bets after all, right?