All Health Care Workers Must Be Immunized Before October 15th, Else Suspension Without Pay; Quebec


Premier Legault’s government has pronounced itself saying that all health workers in the province have to be immunized before the 15th of October, else they risk unpaid suspension from work.

Provincial health minister, Christian Dube, made the declaration during Tuesday’s press briefing.

The new requirement applies to workers in private and public service, and stricter than the previous mandate as it only touched workers who are in touch with patients for at least 15 minutes.

The health ministry also said that that all persons visiting hospitals have to show their proof of immunization. However, some exceptions will be made for non-immunized person who wish to visit terminally ill patients.

However, Union representatives say that the government’s decision isn’t a responsible move. While they say immunization is important in the fight again the current pandemic, they added a blanket declaration is dangerous.

They noted that those who have been immunized will have a tough time working on their on because of shortage of person after October 15th.


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