All Hail Breaks Loose In Montreal After Thunderstorm Watch


Montreal may have been under a storm watch, but nothing prepared them for what followed on the very Monday a thunderstorm alert was issued.

At about noon, Monday, wild hail hit Montréal to the point people had to dash to the nearest shelter. The thunderstorm watch was active most of Monday for Montréal, Environment Canada said. It expired at about 6:30 in the evening.

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On Monday, the Environment Canada said that conditions were rife for the development of a thunderstorm capable of causing a gust, heavy rain, large hail, and possibly, a tornado.

Some residents of Montréal said on social media that this event was the latest of a number of unusual weather patterns in the past few weeks.

Environment Canada recommended that people not indulge in water sports in duration of this thunderstorm watch because the possibility of a gust over water bodies is quite high.