All British Columbia Residents Required to Show Proof Vaccination Access Casinos and Other Attraction Sites


Residents of British Columbia will be required proof of vaccination while attending social events or popular attractions sites like casinos starting on 13th September.

On Monday, officials in B.C. announced the order adding that provincial caseloads have significantly increased over the past seven weeks. On 4th July, the average caseload stood at 36.1 cases per day, as of Tuesday, B.C. reported 641 new cases.

The increase happens despite the COVID-19 Tracker Canada data indicating that 76.1 percent of eligible B.C. residents are vaccinated. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry added transmission waves are still eminent especially among those not fully vaccinated.

“The new measure will help reduce transmission and keep our communities safe and ensure we can continue to keep businesses open and safely enjoy much-needed social events.”

Henry added that individuals would be able to upload their vaccination records to an online portal that can be accessed by their phones to show proof at entry points.

By the 13th September deadline, individuals who are yet to receive the two doses will still be able to attend public events until 24th October, when all residents should show proof of full vaccination.

The vaccine mandate is expected to go through 31st January next year. B.C. is not the only jurisdiction implementing a vaccine mandate. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered businesses to do the same. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell also requires that all people show proof of vaccination to attend indoor venues.


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