Albright Shines in CFL Debut Despite Saskatchewan Roughriders Defeat


Despite facing a defeat at the hands of the Ottawa Redblacks last week, the Saskatchewan Roughriders had reason to celebrate with the dynamic performance of defensive lineman Christian Albright in his inaugural Canadian Football League (CFL) game.

Albright’s debut was noteworthy as he managed to record four defensive tackles and two consecutive quarterback sacks, along with a special teams tackle, making an indelible impression on the field.

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“It was an exhilarating experience to finally rejoin my team. Though we fell short of victory, it felt good to get back in the swing of things,” Albright expressed, with a tinge of laughter, reflecting on his first professional game.

Fellow lineman Pete Robertson lauded Albright’s exceptional debut. “His commitment in this initial game of his CFL stint is something to be awed at. Watching him perform so brilliantly, we couldn’t help but cheer him on,” Robertson exclaimed, commenting on Albright’s potential.

Albright, in turn, expressed gratitude towards Robertson, who stood by his side ever since his entry into the CFL. Speaking about Albright’s growth within the team, Robertson assured him of his continued support.

Albright’s entry into the Roughriders’ lineup follows the injuries plaguing fellow defensive linemen, Anthony Lanier II, Miles Brown, and Nic Dheilly. The Canadian team’s head coach, Craig Dickenson, expressed optimism over Albright’s CFL journey, anticipating he may have secured his role in the roster following his significant game contribution.

Hailing from Georgia, Albright spent five seasons at Ball State University. He was later part of the training camp for the National Football League’s (NFL) Chicago Bears in 2022 and eventually signed with the Roughriders in February. However, the wait to don professional attire and step onto the field had been a lengthy one for Albright.

“Patience and readiness are part of being a professional. When the opportunity knocks, you must be prepared to grab it,” Albright remarked, reflecting on his journey.

As for Dickinson, he holds an optimistic angle to the situation. “It’s a rewarding feeling to witness a player from the practice roster rise, shine, and show his caliber late in the season,” he said.

Dheilly and Brown continue their stint on the injured list, whereas Lanier resumed practice on Tuesday.

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