Alberta’s Minimum Childcare Subsidy Raised To $90K Per Home


Alberta says it plans to raise the minimum income subsidy cut-off so that more parents can qualify for day-care support.

Starting the beginning of September, all families that earn up to $90000 in household income will qualify for childcare support, Rebecca Schulz, the Children’s Service Minister said Monday.

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For a while, the qualification cut-off has been $75000. Alberta stated the new change will bring in about 12000 households into the support pool, so that more will qualify for the $125 a month kitty that will go toward childcare costs.

Officials said they plan to set aside $4.25m to support homes with Children who go to licensed pre-schools.

Alberta is paying for the support system with the health of a $45m from federal funding, which was part of Friday’s announcement noting an extension to the current Canada-Alberta Child Care and Learning Agreement.

Chrystia Freeland, the Federal Finance Minister, said in April’s budget that the federal government was ready to set aside $30m for the next 5 years to support a day care program, which would lower the cost that families pay to $10 per day.

Since the announcement, British Columbia, Yukon and Nova Scotia have joined the deal.

But, talks are in progress between Alberta and the Federal government meant to establish conditions for an official negotiation.