Alberta’s COVID-19 Might Be Moved To Hospitals In Ontario As The Province Fights To Coupe With 4th Wave


Hospitals in Alberta have been urged to find non-ICU beds that can be used to care for those who are critically sick with the Coronavirus.

As a last resort, Dr. Verna Yiu, CEO and President of Alberta’s Health Services, said Thursday that some patients may be moved to Ontario.

The province has about 896 patients in various hospitals, with 222 of these under intensive care.

Dr. Yiu said that all pending non-essential surgical procedures will be cancelled until further notice. She noted that the province is having a difficult time finding health workers to fill in shifts, particularly in intensive care.

As such, the province has declared a state of emergency due to raising infection rates.

Last Wednesday, the Premier Jason Kenny said they would impose new measures, including limiting social gatherings and imposing stringent regulations on workplaces, places of worship and businesses.

The premier also noted that starting coming Monday, all Albertans will have to produce proof of immunization to access certain services where proprietors have accepted to comply with the immunization program.

Other strict measures imposed announced on Wednesday include capacity restrictions on indoor gathering, funeral, weddings, entertainment venues, fitness and indoor sports.

All person who are eligible, but unvaccinated will not be allowed to access social gatherings.


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