Alberta Registers 3056 Infections In Last Three Days, 7 Fatalities


Alberta registered 3056 fresh infections and 7 fatalities last Monday as health authorities posted 3 days’ worth of data collected over the weekend.

The cases were reported between Friday and Sunday.

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Hospitalization rates are on a steady rise. Persons currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 has gone up by 65 since Friday’s update. On a weekly basis, the figures have gone up from 244 reported on Monday to 401 based on the last update. So far, there are about 98 persons under intensive care.

Of those receiving care in various hospitals, 79.55 percent have not been immunized, 3.24 percent have only had one jab, while 17.21 percent have had both jabs.

The provincial list of active cases is also growing. Currently, Alberta has over 11426 cases, with 7855 being cases involving variants of concern.

Health officials said last Monday that a number of Albertans might soon be required to take a third dose. The elderly under congregate care as well as Albertans classified as being immunocompromised will be among the first group to received the third dose.