Alberta Registers 206 Infections, No Fatalities


Alberta reported 206 fresh infections last Wednesday, and it appears the case loads in the province are on the rise.

The new infections were found after tests were performed on 5429 individuals, leading to a positivity rate of 3.83 percent.

Currently, there 22282 active infections in the province, a rise of 106 from figures posted on the previous day. At least 50 percent of the infections are in Calgary Health Zone.

Two weeks ago, the province had 634 active infections, Alberta Health said.

Hospitalizations have gone up 7 from previous day’s figures. So far, there are 87 persons in the hospital receiving treatment, while 23 are under intensive care.

No deaths resulting from COVID-19 were reported on Wednesday, which leaves Quebec’s death toll unchanged.

Quebec has reported an unusually high infection rate, 823, on Wednesday resulting from variants of concern.

However, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, clarified that this figure is the total of cases that they have registered over a few days, not the same day.

Across Quebec, 11174 doses were administered last Tuesday. Approximately 76.1 percent of all eligible persons have received a single dose, while 66 percent have had both.


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