Alberta Registers 1519 Infections, 29 Fatalities


The province of Alberta has reported 29 fatalities in the previous 24 hours, and 1519 infections, provincial chief medical officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, says.

Currently, the province has over 996 people in hospital across the province, of which 222 are in the ICU, Dr. Hinshaw said.

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This is the highest figure admitted in the ICU since COVID-19 hit.

Hinshaw stated that they performed about 13600 tests and registered a 11.1 percent positivity rate. She added that they also identified about 2011 new cases of the variant of concern.

Jason Copping, the new Health Minister, who came in via a cabinet swap, informed the media during a press briefing that his focus would be on raising hospital capacity, educating anti-vaxers and help the system better prepare for the next wave of the Coronavirus.

Last Tuesday Municipal Affairs Minister, Ric McIver, said the province formerly asked for help from the federal government to manage the pandemic.

Hinshaw said Tuesday the province is considering widening eligibility to have more people get a third dose against the Coronavirus.