Alberta Records 4903 Infections In The Past Four Days, 17 Fatalities


Alberta’s COVID-19 situation continues to worsen as it fights the 4th wave, and now officials say they have recorded another 4903 infections, and 17 fatalities over a period of 4 days.

Hospitalization rates now stand above 600. So far, there are about 602 persons in various hospitals with the virus, including about 137 who are receiving intensive care.

Friday’s update reported 515 hospitalizations, including 118 person who are in the ICU.

Of the people who are currently in hospital, 74.25 percent have not been immunized, 21.1 percent have had both jabs while 4.65 have had only one jab. Approximately 60 percent of Alberta’s population has been fully immunized, while 7 percent have received a single shot.

ICU bed capacity currently stands at 87 percent, Alberta’s health services say. The figure has declined from 95 percent in the previous week. The AHS stated that 255 beds are still open in the province, and that includes about 82 extra spaces.

Active cases in the province have reached 15486. Health data says 83 percent of the cases have unknown origins.

Close to 78.6 percent of Alberta’s population aged 12 years and above has received at least a dose, while about 70.6 percent have received both.


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