Alberta Premier Addresses Escalating E. Coli Outbreak in Calgary Daycares


Alberta’s Premier, Danielle Smith, is actively addressing an alarming E. coli outbreak linked to local Calgary daycares. She has tasked both the health minister, and the children and family services minister, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation which has already seen substantial escalation within the week.

Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) notification confirmed an increase of lab-reported E. coli cases from 140 to an alarming 190 within a span of two days. As of their last communiqué, 27 patients are presently undergoing treatment within medical facilities, with 20 of these patients confirmed to be in a serious condition.

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Smith iterated in her online commentary that this investigative assessment is geared towards prevention of a future recurrence. Extending heartfelt sympathies and prayers towards the affected children and their families, Smith expressed her gratitude towards the frontline workers for their continuous, unwavering healthcare services.

AHS further established the current state of the 20 critical patients as stable and under appropriate care, while reporting the discharge of seven patients since the outbreak commenced. Amidst this crisis, frontline healthcare professionals within Alberta Children’s Hospital, the Peter Lougheed Centre, and South Health Campus have drawn praise from Health Minister Adriana LaGrange for their tireless efforts. She further noted the initiation of dedicated clinics in these locations to monitor symptomatic patients.

However, AHS and law enforcement are yet to pinpoint the origin of the outbreak. Based on the symptomatic epidemiology witnessed, the most probable source points towards food from a central kitchen. While 11 daycare facilities were ordered to shut down, closure orders for four – Fueling Brains Bridgeland, Little Oak Early Education, Almond Branch, and Braineer Academy – who reported zero E. coli-positive cases, were lifted. AHS further commented on the rigorous hygiene measures imposed on these four facilities prior to their reopening.

Meanwhile, for the remaining seven facilities, there is anticipation for the rescindment of closure orders by Tuesday, although, the directive is contingent on clearance from health officials. However, the central kitchen, implicated as the likely origin of the outbreak remains closed.

Dr. Stephen Freedman, an emergency physician at Alberta Children’s Hospital, revealed that the culprit is a variant of E. coli, identified as E. coli 0157. The strain produces a toxin that could potentially induce organ damage, proving more harmful than the typical strains that induce symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal cramps.

However, Alberto’s united conservative government is currently under criticism from the Opposition NDP. Diana Batten, the NDP critic for childcare, and children and family services, reproached the government for the belated response, lack of additional resources for affected daycares, and failure to reassure worried families about the safety of their children in daycare amidst this crisis.