Alberta Mother’s Ordeal: Unsafe Gaming App Breaches iCloud Accounts


In Cochrane, Alberta, an unsuspecting mother suffered a dreadful ordeal for eight months, striving to recover online accounts that were compromised after downloading an online gaming application for her daughter.

The beloved app of Susanne Jarman’s daughter was Wolf Online 2, a game about creatures her nine-year-old adored to no end. Animals, the girl’s passion, were the centerpiece of the game, making it an almost irresistible attraction for the young enthusiast. Unforeseen was the calamity that lay in wait after her mother installed the game on her iPad from the Apple App Store in February.

Jarman herself took safeguards—an extra measure, embroiled in the role of an ever-watchful mother, she downloaded the same game on her iPad to play along and keep a close eye on her daughter’s virtual endeavors. The game was interactive, inviting online gamers to participate. However, the behavior of some characters soon raised suspicions in Jarman’s mind.

Deciphering the red flags, Jarman swiftly deleted the game from her device and remained vigilant over her electronic property. A peculiar shared folder containing her financial files in her notes revealed the first harrowing inkling of malicious infiltration. The intruders, she discerned, had accessed her iCloud, prompting her to erase the content on both her devices.

The situation escalated swiftly. The unidentified hackers altered her Apple ID username and password and breached every account under her name. This tormenting saga persists, she reports, despite her relentless attempts to protect herself via changing passwords, creating new accounts and emails, and more.

The pain of her irreplaceable loss exacerbated when she was denied access to precious mementos—photos of her late husband. The intrusions also included the theft of her banking and tax information. Consequently, living without the internet is the new normal for Jarman’s family until she can reclaim her hacked accounts.

Apple has indicated that it is investigating the issue and reiterates the importance of discussing guidelines with users regarding Apple ID and iCloud security measures.

Meanwhile, Jarman hopes for the removal of the Wolf Online 2 game from the App Store to protect others from experiencing a similar nightmare.

Dr. Tom Keenan, a respected professor and author specializing in privacy and technology, warns of the pervasiveness of malware-laden apps, and the increased risk posed by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence. Keenan advises vigilant supervision over children’s online engagements and recommends storing private information offline, such as on a USB stick or external hard drive. He underscores the significance of regularly updating robust passwords and installing anti-malware software on devices.

Having consulted with large corporations who have faced similar breaches, Keenan states that everyone, regardless of their internet proficiency, is vulnerable to such violations. However, understanding the insidious nature of such threats can arm individuals with the necessary caution to better safeguard their information in the digital era.


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