Alberta Government Deploy 924, 000 Tests Across Sites to Speed Screening for COVID-19


Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro says that the government is shipping 924 000 rapid tests to all province sites. The tests are expected to speed up the screening for COVID-19 in the province. The tests will be distributed in the sites with varying capacities.

Syncrude, Suncor, and CNRL will get 325 000 tests. Hospice designated supportive facilities and long-term care facilities with 267 000 tests. The rural and remote hospitals, assessment centers, and other healing sites will receive 100 000 tests. Two Calgary schools will receive 100 000 tests, WestJet 76, 000 and other industries and groups in the province will receive 56 000.

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Shandro noted that the rapid tests would benefit workers in several occupations, including those in Cargill’s High River meatpacking plant for several months. He added that discussion is underway for other meat process plants to receive COVID-19 tests.

Meanwhile, the province has 4 488 active cases of COVID-19. On Thursday, Alberta also reported 364 new cases and five deaths. Currently, there are 259 patients in the hospital, including 38 who are in the intensive care unit.

The province also identified 41 cases involving variants of concern; so far, 775 reported cases of variants in Alberta. Meanwhile, Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced on Thursday that the province would be speeding up the rollout of AstraZeneca.