Alana Bremner Returns for Black Ferns’ Final Showdown in WXV 1 Tournament


In the game-changing series of The Black Ferns, all eyes are on Alana Bremner as she makes a triumphant return against the England team, marking the only alteration to the starting line-up.

Under the guidance of Allan Bunting, the Black Ferns have embarked on a year of strategic development, an underpinning ethos echoed in the last fortnight when the team experienced a curious blend of triumph and defeat against diverse members of the Six Nations.

Their next challenge dwells in the final showdown of the novel WXV 1 tournament at Mt Smart Stadium on the upcoming Saturday night. The contest promises a rigorous examination of athletic prowess, with the victor likely holding the coveted trophy aloft by the finale.

This confrontation marks the first occasion the English and New Zealand rugby teams have crossed paths since the Black Ferns savored victory in the previous year’s World Cup final. This exciting rematch gives Bunting a golden opportunity to discern the evolution of England’s strategy and allows the New Zealand team to brandish their unique identity with panache.

“I’ve always believed in tapping into the innate strengths and remarkable talents that our players exhibit,” comments Bunting, further emphasizing the importance of bringing those qualities to life during the game against England.

On the heels of a staggering display of prowess in recent weeks, both England and New Zealand are poised for their upcoming match. The Black Ferns have consistently proven their mettle with their unrivaled ball-handling skills, deft scrummaging, and disciplined tactics.

Meanwhile, England remains undefeated in the tournament, having previously asserted their dominance over Australia and Canada. Their rolling maul, a strategic maneuver in rugby, has been the focus of much buzz throughout the week. Revered as a master of this move, England poses a formidable challenge to the opposing team.

Addressing their preparedness for England’s prominent rolling maul tactic, Bunting refrains from divulging specific details instantly: “We’re deeply engrossed in honing our counter-strategies, but we don’t want to lose focus on our primary game. Our first goal is not to fall into their maul trap, but if it happens, it’s not the end. We’ve successfully tackled this before in a pressure-cooker World Cup moment, so it’s an exciting challenge for us.”

When asked to comment on the controversial rolling maul, Bunting focused on its effectiveness rather than the contentious debate: “At the end of the day, its efficiency can’t be denied. It’s all about gaining those crucial points on the scoreboard.”

As far as team line-ups go, Bunting signals just one change for the impending match – Alana Bremner replaces Layla Sae on the blindside. Sae, after making an outstanding impression against Wales, will provide support from the bench.

“Layla brought her physical prowess to the field in her second test match. She’ll continue doing so off the bench,” Bunting says. “Alana, a valued member of our leadership assembly, with her dynamic input in lineouts and field tactics, brings in valued experience. She has played against England earlier, so it’ll be exciting to see her back in action.”

Playing under the illuminated sky of the Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland at 7 p.m. this Saturday, the Black Ferns team comprises of Renee Holmes, Ruby Tui, Amy du Plessis, Sylvia Brunt, Mererangi Paul, Ruahei Demant, Arihiana Marino-Tauhinu, Liana Mikaele-Tu’u, Kennedy Simon, Alana Bremner, Chelsea Bremner, Maiakawanakaulani Roos, Amy Rule, Georgia Ponsonby, and Kate Henwood.


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