Airdrie Celebrates Local Heroes, Advocates Mental Health at Peace in the Park Event


On Saturday, Airdrie, Alta., hosted its second annual Peace in the Park event. This unique gathering is a testament to camaraderie, intending to highlight the magnificent contributions of local heroes and volunteers. The Thumbs Up Foundation, a body advocating for mental health issues, ingeniously orchestrated this communal event. The timing was impeccably coincident with Airdrie’s declaration of September as “Mental Resiliency Awareness Month,” a fitting backdrop for an event borne out of community healing.

Kim Titus, the founder of the Thumbs Up Foundation, conceived the idea in the aftermath of a personal tragedy—the suicide of her son Braden in September 2015. The event aimed to avoid further such casualties by addressing the gaps in mental health awareness and support. Titus accentuated the importance of conversation about mental health and emphasized the need for unity in the community on the path towards healing.

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At Peace in the Park, there were a series of engaging activities ranging from live music, food stalls, and fun activities for both adults and children. Medical health professionals were present to disseminate information on resources available for mental health support. Featured guests included Leah Marlene—American Idol finalist—who graced the event with her performance.

Simultaneously, a few miles further down south, the Parks Foundation in Calgary also signaled the inauguration of the Brawn Family Foundation Rotary Park—another stride towards mental health enhancement and youth support. Adjoining the Summit’s Marian and Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience, the park promised to be a sanctuary for mental healing. This well-attended event, like its counterpart at Airdrie, was filled with music and entertainment, interspersed with speeches from park donors, the mayor, and other dignitaries.

Witnessing the community come together at such events is heartwarming and incredibly uplifting, setting an excellent example of community cohesion. Just as people can come together for common causes like mental health, a similar sense of unity can be found in rather unusual places.

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