Airbnb Unveils Glamorous Overnight Stays at Paris Museum and Celebrity Hotspots


The dazzling allure of a game show and the robust spectacle of a high-stakes marketing campaign have coalesced into a fantastical opportunity that Airbnb is extending its customers. Now travelers have the privilege of lodging for a night in an illustrious Paris museum, reveling in the ambiance of movie-set-like homes, or drifting off to the melody of dreams amongst eight Ferrari racing cars.

The spectacular listings differentiate Airbnb from the conventional hotel experience, demonstrating that it’s a company selling exciting escapades rather than mere rental properties. The company’s CEO, Brian Chesky, unveiled a range of eleven eclectic temporary listings, cheekily coined “icons,” at a recent Los Angeles event.

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The concept was sparked when a Barbie-themed house in Malibu, inspired by the box-office hit centered on the Mattel fashion doll, received tremendous feedback last year. The blueprint for success seemed to be intertwining promotions with aspects of pop culture, celebrities, or significant events, ensuring that the name Airbnb remained etched in the minds of the public.

In an interview, Chesky commented, “We’re not historically known for making anything. We’re a platform. I think it’s really great to show what it looks like when suddenly you can step into our vision and our imagination.”

Contrastingly, these “icons” are almost gratis, with Airbnb inviting individuals to submit a profile detailing the reasons for their interest in these specific listings. Out of the applications, approximately 4,000 winners will be chosen over the year. In return, they receive the opportunity to book these exclusive properties or events for either free or prices below $100 threshold.

An enticing offer is an overnight stay at the prestigious Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Airbnb contracted Mathieu Lehanneur, the creative mind behind the design of this summer’s Paris Olympic torch, to transform the museum’s clock room into a cozy bedroom. Chesky excitedly added that the torch has been placed in the bedroom, promising guests an unparalleled “night at the museum” experience, complete with the best view of the Olympic opening ceremony on the River Seine.

Meanwhile, stateside, Airbnb is listing a New Mexico house mimicking the one from the heartwarming 2009 Pixar-Disney animated classic, “Up.” To achieve the movie’s imagery, the company spared no expense, constructing the house from the ground up, adorned with 8,000 balloons. Anyone staying in the house can witness a crane hoisting this replica 50 feet off the ground.

Understandably, safety is paramount, and Chesky reassures, “I think we maybe won’t have them inside the house when we lift it.”

The other listings include one-night-only events like an intimate performance by rapper Doja Cat, a night’s stay at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, and an exclusive evening with comedian Kevin Hart in his members-only lounge. Other properties, such as the “Up” house, a mansion identical to the one from the “X-Men” Marvel comics, along with the house owned by Prince and featured in “Purple Rain,” will be obtainable longer.

The company remains tight-lipped on costs to secure the rights, dress up the properties, and compensate the celebrities. However, the thriving company reported a profit of $4.8 billion last year, with nearly $6.9 billion in cash reserves, ensuring the sustainability of the “icons” initiative.

Chesky concluded, “These 11 are the beginning. We have a lot more under development.”

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