Air Quality Across Most of Alberta Forcast to be High Risk Entire Day Monday


Air quality across many parts of Alberta this monday is expecte to worsen and may stay that way some parts through the week, Environment Canada says.

the entire central and south Alberta, and some parts in the north, recieved a special air quality advisory last Sunday, as smoke from wildfire continues affect visibility.

Environment Canada said the air quality index may go pver 10 in the mentioned areas between Sunday and Monday, inluding in Calgary and Edmonton. But, the agency also added that the air quality may vary each hour over small distances, and the health index might be moderate begining Monday because of the Southerly winds.

the Health index for the north and some parts of central Alberta may not change across the week, EC said.

A value of 7 is high risk, while a 10 or more is extremely high risk.

The agency warned that people may start seeing symptoms such as throat irritation, coughing, and sin some cases shortness of breath. Seniors, minors and persons with cardiovascular or lung disease are in even greater risk.


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