Air France Aircraft Travelling to Caribbean Diverts to St. John’s Following Medical Emergency


Passengers on an Air France flight planned to fly to the Caribbean will spend the night in St. John’s after the aircraft was diverted because of a medical emergency.

As per the St. John’s Airport Authority, the plane traveling from Paris to St. Maarten, a Caribbean island part of the Netherlands, landed in St. John’s just before 4:30 P.M Tuesday. The aircraft had 10 crew members and was ferrying 120 passengers.

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Airport firefighters, together with Eastern Health staff responded after the landing.

As per Heather McKinnon, manager of the Delta Hotel in St. John’s, those on-board the aircraft arrived at the hotel about 7:20 P.M, where they will spend the night.

McKinnon said all passengers were screened for COVID-19 by both provincial and federal agents at the airport, and won’t be permitted to leave their rooms as part of self-isolation protocols.

Passengers will vacate the hotel 6:30 A.M Wednesday morning to go back to the airport, with the flight planned to leave St. John’s at 11:40 A.M.