Air Canada Plane Collision Causes Unexpected Flight Reschedules at Vancouver Airport


In an unexpected turn of events, passengers found themselves reassigned to alternative flights after an Air Canada plane grazed another on Vancouver International Airport’s tarmac on a Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred as an Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319 was being maneuvered away from the gate and its wingtip inadvertently “made contact” with the wing of a stationary Jazz Air Canada Express Q400. The latter plane was harbored at an adjacent location, as reported by an Air Canada spokesperson.

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Thankfully, the airport and airlines personnel verified that none of the passengers or ground staff were adversely impacted by the incident.

Despite the physical encounter, the Q400, initially set to journey to Nanaimo, maintained its course but with an unfortunate delay of three hours.

Meanwhile, passengers of the A319 weren’t left stranded. They were promptly reassigned to a Boeing 737, set to take off for Quebec City at a scheduled time of 6:15 p.m.

It is anticipated that further development in the scenario will unfold. Keep an eye out for more updates on this storyline.