Air Canada Foils Cyberattack on Employee Data, Customers Unaffected


Canada’s biggest airline, Air Canada, reported that an unauthorized group managed a fleeting breach of an internal system related to the personal records and information of a number of employees. The Montreal-based company promptly issued a statement to reassure that the cyberattack did not extend to any customer data.

The airline further clarified that the breach did not affect systems related to flight operations or platforms visible to the public. They ensured that all necessary parties, including those employees whose data was compromised, have been duly informed. Appropriate authorities were also notified.

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Air Canada further reported that the systems previously affected by the breach are fully operational once again. Additively, the company has instituted further security enhancements to fend off any such incidents in the future.

Reeling under the weight of numerous cyberattacks, Canadian companies such as Suncor Energy and grocery major Empire, have been set on edge in the current year. Air Canada becomes the latest to join this list of victimized organizations.

The federal privacy commissioner’s office stated it has received a report of the breach from Air Canada. The office mentioned that it is in the process of studying the report to determine the suitable course of action moving forward.