Air Canada Apologizes for Vomit-Stained Flight from Las Vegas to Montreal


There has been an issuing of apologies by Air Canada to its customers following an unfortunate incident on board a flight from Las Vegas to Montreal, where passengers’ seats were unacceptably sullied with remnants of vomit.

In a revealing social media post, a woman claiming to be a passenger on the August 26 flight shared that the plane’s crew resorted to placing coffee grounds in the seat pockets and misting the cabin with perfume in an attempt to mask the offensive scent of vomit just before passengers were allowed to board. The ordeal caused quite a distress among passengers.

The visibly shaken passengers reportedly sought assistance from a flight attendant, pointing out that both their seat and seatbelt were damp, and there was still detectable vomit residue in their immediate vicinity. Through her post on August 29, Susan Benson narrates that while the attendant was noticeably apologetic, there was apparently nothing that could be done owing to the flight being at full capacity.

The journey from Las Vegas to Montreal spans over four laborious hours. Benson details that passengers were provided with blankets, wipes, and additional sick bags to manage the situation. However, the plot thickened when, according to her, the pilot then confronted them and asked them to disembark.

Furthering her account, Benson states, “Suddenly, the pilot got up and walked to the front of the plane. The next thing we knew, security was parading down the aisle, escorting the two ladies off of the plane”.

Air Canada was contacted in order to confirm the claims made in Benson’s account. The airline responded by stating that it was investigating this grave issue internally and had also reached out to the affected customers.

In its official statement, Air Canada admitted that their operating procedures were not appropriately adhered to during this instance. They also confirmed that they had extended an apology to those who had been caught in the unenviable predicament.

The airline stated, “They clearly did not receive the standard of care to which they were entitled”. Ensuring ongoing support, the airline further added, “We remain in contact with them about this matter”.


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