Air Canada Apologizes for Soiled Seats Incident on Las Vegas-Montreal Flight


Air Canada has issued an apology to its passengers after an alleged incident of soiled seats, reportedly due to vomit, on a flight travelling from Las Vegas to Montreal.

In a detailed recounting of the unpleasant events via social media, a woman identified as Susan Benson, a passenger on the aforementioned flight that took off on August 26, claimed that the crew members tried to conceal the stench of vomit using coffee grinds and perfume sprays that they placed in the seat pouch prior to commencement of boarding procedures.

Benson elaborated on the incident, stating that when passengers found their seats to be wet alongside visible residues of vomit in their surroundings, they drew attention of the flight attendants to the eyesore. Although the attendants sympathetically acknowledged the situation, they were unable to provide any solution or workaround, contending that the flight was fully booked.

Given the duration of the flight which exceeds four hours, the passengers were provided with blankets, wipes, and additional vomit bags to ensure some comfort during the less than desirable situation. However, further into the incident, the pilot approached the distressed passengers and asked them to deboard the plane. Soon after his departure, security personnel arrived to escort the ladies off the aircraft, as per Benson’s account.

Following an outreach from CTV News to confirm the authenticity of Benson’s story, Air Canada responded by confirming that they are conducting an internal review of this grave matter. They also stated that they have been in direct contact with the customers affected by the situation.

Demonstrating a clear acknowledgement of imperfect service, Air Canada stated that in this specific case, their established operating procedures were not adequately followed. They took the opportunity to apologize to the customers involved, conceding that they unquestionably did not receive the standard of care they were entitled to. The airline reassured their commitment to customers by reiterating their ongoing contact with the aggrieved passengers regarding this matter.


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