AI Tokens Take Center Stage Amid Memecoins, Pacing Crypto Market Growth in 2024


In a financial landscape where Bitcoin is unchallengedly king, memecoins have danced engagingly enough to seize the limelight for a spell. Yet, lurking in the shadows, bucking trends and exceeding expectations, Artificial Intelligence or AI tokens ushered in a stellar performance in the first business quarter of the year 2024.

Over the weekend, the crypto market roused itself from a dip on May 1st, with AI tokens surprisingly leading the pack with significant profit increments. This vibrant display led industry pundits to hail a second round of growth for this cycle, poised precariously on the pivot of AI tokens.

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Bitcoin, memecoins and now AI tokens have set the crypto market tongues wagging incessantly. AI tokens have held their own in the race, propelling the market towards stupefying fiscal heights during the peaks of this cycle.

Popular crypto data-tracking service CoinGecko’s report corroborated this observation, marking AI as one of the triumvirate powerhouse sectors that unfailingly yielded three-digit returns in the first quarter. The greatest contributor to this windfall was the market-cap leader in AI tokens, (FET), which registered a jaw-dropping growth of 378.3% during the defined period.

Prominent crypto trader, John Walsh, notorious in trading circles as CryptoGodJohn, firmly believes that AI tokens are prepping for a spectacular second act. According to him, the developments in Nvidia earnings, Apple AI and Microsoft’s $100 billion AI fund, all combined portend a future windfall.

Crypto analyst MacroCRG chimes in with his prediction, imagining a tremendous growth spurt for AI, so stunning in its scope that it could only be appreciated as a foregone conclusion in hindsight. A sector with a market capitalization of merely $27.3 billion holds much promise, he implies.

In a recent conversation, MacroCRG revealed that AI’s market cap had impressively surged by 8% on a Monday morning, with a daily trading volume churning about $1.9 billion. By Tuesday, the market cap hit $27.8 billion, witnessing a 2.3% increase in just 24 hours.

Memecoins, on the other hand, boasted a market capitalization hitting $54.4 billion, nearly double AI’s. But, they registered a decrease of 2.8% within last day, showing a disappointing downturn in the top ten memecoins over the previous 24 hours.

In spite of AI’s notable performance, there is an air of uncertainty marring predictions about the sector’s future. According to memecoin trader Murad, the continuous evolution within the industry could lead to job reductions, causing public anxiety and a race against time to attain financial security.

This push could potentially catalyze the memecoin sector, as Murad shared, “Growing AI capabilities will be one of the big forces accelerating the Memecoin Bubble.”

Financial Titan Warren Buffett harbors skeptics about this novel fusion of technology and finance. “Just as nuclear weapons were a game-changing genie we released, so too is AI”, he warned. Yet, he conceded the potential AI technology has to effect global positive change.

Crypto analyst, Alex Wacy, is more optimistic, predicting a multi-trillion-dollar boom in the AI industry. Varying applications of AI, coupled with growing interest, could well become a game-changer in the market, redefining value and scale. He estimated the market to reach almost $2 trillion by 2030, and stressed that the crypto industry should not dismiss it out of hand.

Tokens such as RNDR have evidenced remarkable performances over the past week, soaring by 45%. RNDR made a triumphant comeback reclaiming the $10 support zone last week after a straining struggle. The price of this token has swelled up by 6.4% in the past 24 hours, alongside a 16.8% augmentation in its daily trading volume, having traded over $455 million during this period.

As per John Walsh, FET – being a leading performer in the AI tokens section – is ideally positioned for the Nvidia earnings. After a successful retest of the resistance level at $2.35, Walsh forecasts this token to break new fiscal heights. FET valiantly clawed above this level over the weekend, leveling up to $2.5 on Monday and maintaining a steady toe-hold above the $2.40 support zone since.

At the time of reporting, the token is trading at $2.42, signifying a 2.4% increase in the last 24 hours and an exceptional 22.9% spurt within the past week – a breathtaking testament to its unyielding resilience and promising future.