AI Investment Surge Revitalizes Creator Economy Startups


Investor enthusiasm for artificial intelligence is reigniting funding for creator economy startups, reversing two years of consecutive declines. The positive trend seen in the first quarter continued into the second, reflecting growing confidence that startups can effectively utilize generative AI to craft valuable tools for content creators. Investors believe AI will simplify content creation, from videos to music, much like how TikTok revolutionized short-form content creation by eliminating the need for advanced editing skills.

Michael Mignano, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, stated, “These AI platforms are starting from a point where literally anyone with a mobile phone or computer can create. Previous creative platforms required some skill and know-how to produce compelling content.”

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In the past quarter, several AI-driven startups have emerged as major beneficiaries of this renewed investment interest. Pika Labs raised $80 million, HeyGen secured $60 million, and Higgsfield garnered $8 million, all focused on generating videos from text descriptions. Suno, which enables users to create professional-grade songs from simple text prompts, raised an impressive $125 million in Series B funding led by Lightspeed, marking the largest AI-creator funding round of the quarter.

Other notable AI deals this quarter include Cartwheel, which raised $5.6 million for AI-powered 3D animation tools,, a London-based company that secured $4.3 million to develop AI image models for artists, and Smashing, an AI-driven content recommendation app, which raised $3.4 million. Jars AI, specializing in interactive and personalized shows, raised $3 million.

In the last 18 months, social media creators have experimented with various AI tools, from ChatGPT-generated ideas to AI dubbing and creating digital clones. However, most creators report that AI isn’t yet central to their workflows. Many find that AI video editing software still falls short, prompting them to stick with traditional editing methods. Nevertheless, there is widespread anticipation that AI technology will evolve over the next year, a shift that investors are eagerly betting on.

DreamFlare AI, an app facilitating monetization of AI-generated content, raised $1.65 million in pre-seed funding from FoundersX. Ticketmaster partnered with Apple’s Shazam to simplify ticket purchases for fans identifying songs on the app. YouTube is testing an update to its Erase Song tool, aiming to help creators remove copyright-claimed music while retaining other audio elements.

NATO has invited 16 creators from countries like the U.K., Germany, and France to its Washington summit as part of its effort to engage Gen Z citizens, alongside 10 U.S. influencers invited by the Defense and State Departments. The popular anonymous messaging app NGL has been banned for users under 18 by U.S. federal regulators due to concerns over cyberbullying and harmful messages. Caroline Gleich, a ski mountaineer and influencer running for Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s seat in Utah, has asked the Federal Election Commission to adjust rules that she claims disadvantage influencers earning money from online sponsorships. Additionally, the European Influencer Marketing Alliance, a collective of influencer marketing agencies, launched to promote professional practices amid increasing regulatory scrutiny in countries like Greece and Spain.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri reiterated in a video that the platform will not pursue long-form video content, arguing that it reduces interaction and content sharing among users.

Joe Rogan will headline a live comedy special on Netflix called “Burn the Boats” on August 3, as part of Netflix’s live programming expansion. Loren Gray, a TikTok creator with 53.8 million followers, will appear in the Netflix movie “Incoming,” debuting on August 23. Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink, Prime, signed a sponsorship deal with basketball star Kevin Durant for the Paris Olympics, featuring a customized Prime drink for Durant.