AI-centric Coins and WienerAI Thrive in Stormy Crypto Market


In the highly unpredictable world of cryptocurrency, two AI-centered coins are standing out, demonstrating a bullish momentum amidst a turbulent market., or commonly known as FET, has rebounded impressively with a 21% surge in the past 24 hours, putting an end to its previous downward trajectory. Simultaneously, a newcomer, WienerAI (WAI), is stirring up the crypto market, having accrued over 6 million dollars in its ongoing presale event.

Holders of FET have witnessed a roller coaster of market activity recently. The digital currency found its stability, soaring to $1.64 after a five-day period of decline that had put investors on edge. The 21% increase did not happen in isolation—it was a direct result of a rejection of the $1.35 support level. The price now lies well over the 50-period EMA on the 4-hour chart, an indicator that has caught the attention of keen investors. There is a wall of resistance at $1.70, with possible formation of a double-top pattern around this level. However, the recent explosion in’s spot volumes by 173%, reaching a peak of $322 million, strengthens the case for the bulls. This remarkable surge has made FET the 27th most traded digital currency worldwide, solidifying its position at 16th place on CoinMarketCap’s trending cryptocurrencies list.

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Multiple factors contribute to this rapid surge in the price of FET. The hype around AI and strategic decisions has had a definitive role. With Nvidia, a giant in the AI sector, recently clinching the spot as the world’s most valuable company, the AI field is enjoying a substantial boost. Moreover, an upcoming merger among SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol, slated for mid-July, promises to produce the largest decentralized AI ecosystem in the crypto space. FET’s impressive performance to date—up 167%—coupled with these strategies, have fueled a fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors which is pushing trading volumes skyward.

But isn’t the lone AI crypto raising eyebrows. The newly launched WienerAI (WAI) is quickly grabbing investor attention. The project, which defines itself as an “AI-powered crypto trading partner”, has amassed over $6 million in its presale. A top feature of WienerAI is its bespoke trading bot—essentially, a 24/7 digital ally that scans the market, identifying potential purchasing opportunities in real-time. This bot doesn’t only present a list of possible trades with suitable entry and exit points, it can also execute those trades on DEXs—without fees and safe from MEV bots.

The burgeoning interest in this innovative project is shown by the over 11,400 individuals who have joined WienerAI’s Telegram channel since the presale’s commencement. Furthermore, 14,100 people are active on the project’s official Twitter page. While the trading bot is still in its developmental phase, investors can already buy WienerAI’s native token, WAI, through the ongoing presale at a cost of just $0.000722 per token. These investors also have the chance to stake their purchased WAI right away, with anticipated annual yields estimated at a remarkable 180%. These elements make WienerAI’s WAI token one to watch in the panorama of AI-powered trading systems.