Aggressive Marketing Campaign will Attract More Nonsmokers Gamblers to Shreveport Casinos, Argues Consultant


The smoking ban in Shreveport casinos in Northwest Louisiana City is set to begin on 1st August. There is a lot of fear that the ban will lead to loss of revenue, but an anti-smoking Consultant believes that aggressive marketing can help attract customers wanting to gamble in a smoke-free environment.

Randy Hayden, a consultant for Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights has heard a lot of rhetoric that smokers will take money to Bossier City, which does not ban smoking inside casinos.

In a statement, Hayden said that through a good marketing campaign, Shreveport would attract two nonsmokers for every smoker who leaves for Bossier.

Shreveport officials are also concerned that the ban will lead to workers being laid down if clients decide to go gamble in Bossier City. Councilman James Flurry believes that the smoking ban won’t work for Shreveport unless Bossier City also casino smoking.

Last week, Flurry presented a proposal to the City Council, requesting them to consider allowing smoking in Shreveport casinos. Flurry fear that the ban will lead to job loss when customer base shrink.

The City Council refused to consider Flurry’s proposal paving way for the ban to take effect on 1st August. The Shreveport city council passed the smoke-Free Act in June 2020. The law was to take effect in8th August 2020. But was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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