Ager Hasan Sentenced to 16 Years for Murder of Ex-Partner Melinda Vasilije


In a recent development that marks the epilogue of an emotionally charged murder trial spanning six arduous years, Ager Hasan has been sentenced to a period of 16 years in prison for the murder of Melinda Vasilije, his ex-partner. Eligibility for parole will not be considered before he has served these 16 years in their entirety.

The judicial pronouncement, handed down in a Kitchener courtroom, comes following Hasan’s conviction for second-degree murder in May. Noting that Hasan has already spent six years under lock and key, his earliest possible release will not be before 2033. Once that year arrives, Hasan will be entering middle age, at 41 years old.

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This concluding chapter in a painful saga for Vasilije’s distraught family is written more than half a decade after the young woman was brutally murdered in her apartment in Kitchener. The family, including her mother and sister, have maintained an unbroken presence in the court since the trial’s commencement five months ago.

Tears, tribulations, quandaries, despair all hold court in our hearts, revealed Jasmina Predic, Vasilije’s aunt and family spokesperson. Although relief was palpable as the trial executioner dropped the curtain, there was an undercurrent of bitterness acknowledging that their ordeal was far from over.

“It isn’t really termination for the victims’ families, especially for us,” Predic said. “Melinda is lost to us eternally. She’s never going to return, and in my view, he forfeited the right to even harbor a hope for parole.”

To her, the punishment is a dim flash of justice deep inside a long unending tunnel—almost a token gesture. “Sixteen years for snuffing out a life just seems maddeningly meager, it’s more like a mild reprimand,” she bitterly noted.

In expressing the intense grief, Predic portrayed a family tragedy that is woefully inexpressible. Losing Melinda to such violence, she said, was an unbearable weight no one should be burdened with.

The family, despite their sorrow, hopes that Vasilije is remembered not for the manner of her untimely death, but for the vibrancy of her life which was senselessly cut short due to intimate partner violence. An issue they stress is happening all too frequently.

As the family reflects on the scant consolation of achieving justice for Melinda, closure remains a distant star on their emotional horizon. “We hope to keep her alive in hearts and memories, and hope this loss resonates with everyone,” Predic added.